The cross-country skiing and winter sports association Wechsel-Panoramaloipe strives for offering a network of different tracks in the Wechsel-region. This is only possible with the support of all the associates, partners and sponsors of the cross-country skiing and winter sports associations. The cross – country skiing and winter sports association wants to say `thank you` to all the parties involved, to make this kind of establishment possible.

The Wechsel – Panaramaloipe offers an experience at a see level of 1.000 m to 1.500 m on tracks that spread on over more than 100km. Please take notice of the following information, to have the most beautiful experience during your cross – country trip in the alpine area.

Beginning of December to the mid of March – from 9:00 to 16:00 o`clock.

More detailed information is daily updated (at 7:30 am) online at or call our hotline 02641/37 300.


The cross – country skiing & winter sports association explicitly points out that the usage is at one`s own risk and we do not undertake any responsibility or offer any liability. There is no certainty about the condition of the cross – country skiing tracks. Operational and emergency vehicles can be on the skiing track also during the opening hours. Furthermore, we would like to highlight that there is no last check in the evening hours.



  1. The tracks can only be used with a valid ticket that can be bought at every entry of the cross – skiing trail. Those tickets are going to be checked by our personnel of the cross – country skiing & winter sports association. Every member of our team is authorized to charge every person without a valid ticket with a fine of € 20,00 – this payment is required instantly. Children under the age of 15 years are able the enter the track for free.
  2. Please notice our information signs that are placed at the entry points and all across the trail. Never leave the marked cross – skiing area.
  3. Please always use the right side of the lane of the tracks.
  4. Always consider the forest and hunter regulations. Please take notice about forestlands and prohibited areas and do not enter those – this is due to the fact of respecting the habitation of the animals.
  5. Under no condition, dogs are allowed on the cross – country trails.
  6. Please do not throw your waist into the woods.
  7. During strong snowfall or storms we do not groom our trails.
  8. Never use the high alpine area alone, we recommend to always stay in groups of at least two people. In cases of emergency please inform us about your exact position, which can be found on every marker sign of the trail. Please also mention your first and last name as well as your mobile phone number. This helps us to locate your exact position and send immediate help.

 With the purchase of a VIP-Card or track ticket we cannot guarantee that the entire network of tracks is available for usage.