1. Respect other sportspeople
    Every cross-country skier must behave in such a way that he does not endanger or prejudice others.
  2. Signs, signals, direction and technique
    Signposts, marks and signals must be observed at any time. Both the running direction and Nordic skiing technique are explicitly defined for each cross-country skiing track.
  3. Choice of the track
    Always use the track furthest to the right on dual or triple tracks. Cross-country ski groups have to run behind one another on the right track. Freestyle Nordic skiers always have to use the right track.
  4. Overtaking
    You may overtake others either on the left or on the right. The Nordic skier in front of you is not obliged to sidestep but he should sidestep in order to avoid dangerous situations.
  5. Two-way traffic
    If you meet oncoming cross-country skiers you sidestep to the right.
    Nordic skiers on a downhill stretch have right of way.
  6. Position of the Nordic ski poles
    If you overtake someone else, if someone overtakes you or if you meet oncoming Nordic skiers you should keep your poles close to the body.
  7. Adapt your speed to the conditions
    Every cross-country skiers must choose his speed and behaviour according to his skills and ability level, the conditions of the terrain, the volume of skiers and the visibility. Skiers have to maintain adequate safety distance. In a case of emergency you should try to fall down (“emergency fall”) to avoid crashing into the other skier.
  8. Keeping clear the track
    Those who stop leave the track immediately. A fallen Nordic skier must leave the track as quickly as possible.
  9. Assistance
    In case of an accident everyone is obliged to give first aid.
  10. Obligatory identification
    Everyone, no matter if being a witness of a person involved, is obliged to provide personal data.