Nordic skiing: Whole Body Workout with a feelgood aspect – Bewusst gesund – Das Magazin from16th of January 2021 at 05:31 pm

Some of you may have seen the report on the national TV ORF in the magazine “Bewusst gesund”, for evryone else here is the link, but only in german.

They present a lot of interessting information around the topic nordic skiing and some nice pictures from our area.

This report was made some time ago, therefor are no Covid-regulations. The courses on saturday are not beeing held at the moment.

Also the newspaper “die Presse” published an article of the Wechsel-Panoramaloipe, also in german.

Die Wechsel-Panoramaloipe und der Schnee von morgen / the Wechsel-Panoramaloipe and tomorrows snow