Season Opening

The Season Opening was planned for the 8th of December. Due to the weather we have opened the nordic-skiing trace already.
At the moment not all the tracks are prepared, but in the higher areas we have perfect conditions already.
Until the 8th of december you can buy the VIP-Card with an opening offer of -10%.

A new season under certain conditions

For this season we expect a lot of visitors, so we kindly ask you for your help to keep nordic skiing this season a relaxing and joyful sport for everybody.

So far, there will only be a restricted entry to the changing room, please do not enter the rooms of our personal for their safty.

In this season there will be no ski rental at the Steyersberger Schwaig, please contact Fa. Sport Tauchner in Kirchberg.

Please keep in mind, that the restaurants and huts are all closed. The restaurant Steyersberger Schwaig offers a take away service. More information on facebook Steyersberger Schwaig.

We kindly ask you to act according to the current Covid-19 regulations, wear masks in the areas of ticket-counters, toilettes and changing rooms, and keep your distance of at least 1 meter to other visitors.

At times the situation on the Parking spaces is a little tense, please keep in mind to use others but the Steyersberger Schwaig (Feistritzsattel, GH Kummerbauerstadel, GH Dissauer). The track Bergstation Mariensee will open with the opening of the skiing lift on the 24th of December.

We are always keen, to keep the roads in a good condition, but in the mountains the car needs winter tyres and in case snow chains.


To the Wechsel-Panoramaloipe with the NÖ-card

In the season 2019/20, owners of the NÖ-card have one-time access to the Wechsel-Panoramaloipe from Monday to Friday. ATTENTION! Only valid in combination with an identity card including photo at the access points Steyersberger Schwaig and Feistritzsattel.